risotto alle clementine – tangerine risotto

Before we start, I know the Italian and English versions of the title seem to be at odds, but that’s simply because here in Sicily clementines and tangerines tend to go by the same name. The fruit I used seemed to me to be tangerines, so that’s what I’m calling them. Not that it really matters – either can be used. Although we usually munch on these sweet shots of citrus in a half-hearted attempt Continue Reading →

risotto alle arance rosse – blood orange risotto

Rice is not a great Sicilian ingredient to be honest. There are a couple of notable exceptions, of course, since one of Sicily’s great contributions to English restaurant menus, arancini (or arancine if you’re from Palermo) are about as ricy (did I just invent a new word there?) as you can get. The lack of interest in arborio and carnaroli is also pretty strange, if we think that the introduction of rice on the island Continue Reading →