i ruggeri, messina

As I mentioned the other day, we were having bad weather, at least officially. So even though it was a Friday evening, the bars and restaurants were pretty empty. Our chosen dinner venue, I Ruggeri, was no exception, despite being top of tripadvisor’s list of the city’s 414 restaurants. Of course, I feel I should mention that at least in Italy, tripadvisor’s definition of “restaurant” is pretty flexible. “Restaurant” no. 2, for example, is actually Continue Reading →

sapore divino, ganzirri, messina

Every now and then I win against my family. I mean, it’s bound to happen occasionally, isn’t it? As the great e.e. cummings wrote, “nobody loses all the time”. Of course, the odds are stacked against me, with a lawyer wife, a teenage daughter who could teach Lucrezia Borgia a trick or two, and a son whose evil grin would impress an assassin from one of the bloodier Renaissance tragedies. And in perhaps no area Continue Reading →