la calma prima della tempesta – the calm before the storm

ostriche e limone Christmas Eve is the prelude to the chaos of Christmas Day, and so I try and keep things simple. No meat today according to Catholic tradition, and any tradition, Catholic or otherwise, that gives me an excuse to eat oysters and smoked salmon is fine by me. Of course, the original idea was that by way of penance one would not eat meat. Popping down to the fishmonger’s and hauling home a bag crammed full of oysters, and maybe a lobster to boot, was probably not what the Church had in mind…

tonno affumicatoAnyway, penitential oysters it was, a bottle of something bubbly and crostini with cream cheese, smoked tuna, lemon juice and black pepper. Simplicity itself. Now to start steeling myself for tomorrow, when I will be cooking, and no doubt eating, a lot more. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, Happy Christmas!

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