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Conversions, for those still resisting the metric system

Some of my favourite food blogs

  • OK, not really a blog as such, or if it is, it’s in an unreachable class of its own. But if there’s anyone who understands Italian food better than a fair few Italians, it’s Jamie.
  • What Katie Ate. Great food, great photography.
  • Clean graphics, focused writing, fantastic recipes.
  • A classic, frequently updated blog, with pictures that make you want to  cook, and eat.
  • Like me, an emigré, but this time “d’oltralpe” (“from the other side of the Alps”, as the Italians say), the creator of my favourite homemade apricot jam recipe. And that, as my daughter will tell you, licking the jar clean, is reason enough to honour him.

Sicilian food


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