occhiverdi fritti – fried greeneyes

Green eyes, baby’s got green eyes… No, then again, maybe not. It would be difficult to get romantic about these little fish. And even the name of this recipe is disturbing, I know. Don’t think it hasn’t struck me just how Hannibal Lecter it sounds. And you won’t feel any better once you’ve had a look at them.

occhiverdifreschiPretty convincing proof of the exstence of aliens, if you ask me. This is the chlorophthalmus agassizi, otherwise known (although “known” is actually stretching things a bit, to be honest) as the shortnose greeneye. And its eyes really are green in the profoundest sense of the word. The colour has clearly been applied by a makeup artist trying really hard to make a point. And succeeding.

infarinare occhi verdiI won’t give you a recipe as such, since they should simply be dealt with the same way as all little fish like this – doused in seasoned flour and then deep fried in sunflower oil. Followed by a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon. Then eaten when still scalding hot, with your fingers. They have a wonderfully delicate, slightly sweet flavour, not unlike sole, and mercifully few bones. And, thankfully, the eyes turn white when cooked.




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